Furniture and Furnishing Exhibition (FURNEX) is an exhibition that displays Furniture and Furnishing related products. The main objectives of the expo were to promote locally made and imported furniture and to provide information about available materials and services. Another important objective of FURNEX was to judge the quality of product that was being produced or imported in Nepal. The Expo showcases furniture and furnishing products, decorative items for residential office, hotels, schools and colleges.

Likewise, it also gives information regarding repair and maintenance. In modern world, people think about the decoration regarding their surroundings. They need a complete package. So this Expo becomes a platform to those people who want readymade decoration like customized kitchen. Interior designing is one of those for an example. The expo named FURNEX was started from 2012 A.D. and the continuity of the Expo became a regular based yearly routine gave fresh and new Expo named 7th Furniture and Furnishing Expo (FURNEX), 2019.